Custom Fields

In the details section of the booking form, by default Bookme Pro only ask for name, mobile number and email address. But if you want to ask some questions

Discount Coupons

If you want to give a discount to your customers on a service then you can use Coupon feature. Your customers have to enter a coupon code at the detail

General Settings

There are a few general settings that you need to know before using the booking form. Go to Bookme Pro Menu > Settings > General and you will find

URL Settings

Go to Bookme Pro menu > Settings > URL Settings. Approve appointment URL (success) - Set the URL of the page that is shown to staff members after

Customers Settings

Go to Bookme Pro menu > Settings > Customers. Create WordPress user account for customers - If this option is enabled, then Bookme Pro will create WordPress user

Setup WooCommerce

You can integrate WooCommerce with Bookme Pro and used its payment options. Follow the below step for integrating WooCommerce: Install and activate the WooCommerce plugin. Create a WooCommerce product

Integrate Google Calendar

Integrate Google calendar with Bookme Pro and allow your staff members to connect their bookings with Google calendar. Follow the below steps to integrate Google calendar: Go to the Google Developers Console.

Cart Feature

Allow your customers to book several appointments at once. Customers can book multiple appointments by clicking on the "Book More" button at the "Cart" step. However, these

Setup SMS Notifications

Bookme Pro sends SMS notifications to customers and staff members. Check the list of all notifications here. Bookme Pro uses the Twilio SMS API for sending SMS. It's very easy