Discount Coupons

//Discount Coupons

Discount Coupons

If you want to give a discount to your customers on a service then you can use Coupon feature. Your customers have to enter a coupon code at the detail step of the booking form to apply the coupon.

Apply Coupon

Setup Coupon

  1. First, go to Bookme Pro Menu > Settings > Payments and make sure Coupons option is enabled.
    Enable Coupon
  2. Then, Go to Bookme Pro Menu > Coupons and click on Add Coupon button and create a new coupon.
    Create Coupon

    Properties of Coupon

    • Code – A unique sequence of letter and/or numbers that customers will used to apply the coupon at details step of the booking form.
    • Discount (%) – A percent off from the total price.
    • Deduction – A fixed amount off from the total price.
    • Usage limit – How many times a coupon can be used by all customers in total.
    • Services – Select services in which the coupon will apply.

    Note: If the discount and deduction values are used together then the final price is calculated by this formula Price – Discount(%) – Deduction.

  3. For checking the coupon code applied in a payment, go to Bookme Pro Menu > Payments and click on the ‘Details’ button.
    Coupon Discount
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